Sunday, 19 August 2012

DIY shellac nail removal

Shellac nails are a great alternative to acrylics and leave your nails in a better condition after removal. My shellac nails lasted for four weeks and around about that time I decided it was time to take them off.

The recommended way to remove shellac involves soaking a cotton pad in nail varnish remover, wrapping the nail in the pad with aluminium on top for a few minutes and then wiping until clear. However this didn't work for me so I would suggest this method.

Step 1 - Wash your hands and prepare your supplies

I bought a 100% acetone nail remover, a pack of dual ended birchwood sticks and used a bowl to dip my fingers in.

Step 2 - Soak nails

Pour some of the acetone into a bowl and place your finger tips in for 8-10 minutes. The shellac should peel off in the water.

Step 3 - Remove remaining gel

After 10 minutes most of the shellac will have peeled off but won't be completely gone. So to clear the nail use the birchwood sticks to scrape the residue off using the acetone to help.

Step 4 - Wash hands

Once the entire residue is clear your nails will probably sticky so wash your hands to smoothen.

Bianca x