Friday, 26 July 2013

What you should know about buying a bra from Curvy Kate

I had heard of Curvy Kate for a while but had never tried one anything from the lingerie range before. The Curvy Kate bloggers event at The Owl & Pussycat earlier this month was the best place for me to learn more about the brand and why it’s a good option for ladies with ample bosom.

All ladies go through the difficulty of trying to find the perfect bra, the high street hasn’t always been the ideal place for varied sizes but things are slowly changing. It’s hard to cater for all when we all come in so many sizes but with brands like Curvy Kate aiming to put the needs of customers first there is hope for a better selection of quality lingerie for women who range from D-K cups. 

The Curvy Kate team showed off the spring/summer 2013 and autumn/winter 2013 collections and giving us a sneak peek of what’s to come next summer.  This was a mini-catwalk show featuring the brand’s models that all looked gorgeous in the sets and had some fun with the audience. After the team’s designer Charlotte and PR and marketing manager, Hannah took us through the new collections while expressing their passion for lingerie.

Curvy Kate Model Lotte Williams wearing Princess and Lola sets

There were a couple of highlights from the evening that I thought I would share with you. These include things are a closely related to the brand and general bra buying advice.

The ladies in attendance had so much fun eating cupcakes and playing bra bingo!

Look out for the SS14 strapless bra called Luxe. This is first strapless bra for the brand. It has vertical seams it’s different from a moulded strapless bra because the vertical seams give more support, structure and body contouring.

Some adaptions have been made to the straps for women who have narrow shoulders. This means the straps have been nipped in a bit as some struggled with straps slipping off. 

My favourties from AW13 are Daisy Chain and Gia they each have that mesh upper detail and come in range a subtle shades ideal for the season. From SS14 I’m a fan of Dreamcatcher and Ritzy the latter has a pinstripe overlay that is super seductive.

Left: I am holding the Dreamcatcher bra. Right: My Portia set, bra 30F and briefs size 12

At the end of the evening we all got fitted and to take a set home I chose Portia a balcony bra that is I like for everyday. I feel the cups offer more coverage than other bra styles giving you a nice lift, shape and fit.

Two things to remember when looking for the perfect bra:

The measurement around the back is important to the fit of the bra. This area gives you support and helps to lift your boobs upwards.

You’re most likely to fit into two sizes but opt for the size that is smaller in the back and larger in the cup to get maximum support.

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