Sunday, 30 June 2013

The skincare tag

I've been tagged. This post is exposing some of my skincare routine, tips, tricks and general advice. I was tagged by my friend from Let's Get Lippy.

The tag

Describe your skin care routine in five words?
Minimal. Easy. Experimental. Refreshing. Nourishing.

What’s your skin type?
My skin type is normal/combination. I only break out when something irritates my skin or before or after PMS.

What’s your favourite skin care product?
I was given mini bottles of Dermalogica cleanser and daily microfoliant in a goody bag a long time ago but as I didn’t know much about the brand I didn’t use them. I had run out of the face wash I had normally used so I started using both products together. I quickly realised what all the hype was about. Dermalogica is gentle on the skin, light and feels clean, fresh and not tight.

Top blemish zapper?
I use a little tea tree oil stick to banish my blemish if it puffs up, otherwise I just leave it until it disappears. I think the more you fuss over it, the worse it gets.

Face wipes yay or nay?
Yeah, I use Johnson’s Dreamy 3in1 Facial Night Wipes to remove my daily make up, cleanse and tone. Previously I used the Refreshing Facial ones that come in the pink packet and I felt like it didn’t do the job. With the night time wipes I noticed a difference so I’ve stuck with those, I also love the Aromasoothe with Moonflower fragrance it’s calming and perfect for bedtime. For the nights when I wear heavier make up I use Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Make Up Remover, this is a cream based lotion that you can squeeze out on to a cotton pad and really tackle the make up on and around your eye. 

High-end skin care or high-end make-up?
I would have to go with high-end make up because I haven’t really tried that much high-end skincare. I tend to buy high-end make up as a treat or if I have been recommended a specific product that would suit me. The majority of my skincare products are bought from the high street, I’m happy to try out new items and I’m really interested in product and brand recommendations through word-of-mouth or through reading beauty blogs.

What’s the most unusual skin care product you’ve tried? 
LOL. I tried this organic facial spray that you used to refresh your skin, it smelt like vinegar and water (yuck) but to be honest this thing was probably better for your health than some of the items on the market. Despite that I just know it wasn’t for me.

You’re in a French pharmacy and can only pick up one item – what is it?
One of my friends gave me a manicure once and she put this almond oil on my hands to nourish my cuticles. It was different from the almond oil I’ve bought in the UK, it felt lighter and seemed like it could be used regularly. She had bought it in France as that’s where she’s from so if I had to buy anything it’d be that.

Top skin care tips

  • Drink water 
  • Change your bed sheets regularly 
  • Less is more. A pea-size amount is enough and you won’t run out too quickly 
  • Try out new products and give them a good go before discarding them 
  • NEVER sleep in your make up 

Who I'm tagging

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Bianca x


  1. Hiya Bee,

    Thanks so much for the mention.
    Great post - I've never tried the French manicure almond oil before. Maybe one day I'll give this a go.

    LiLi Xx

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