Thursday, 16 May 2013

#ThrowbackThursday – My style

I love looking back at old photographs of the family. When I was going through the huge boxes of pictures, I thought I’d pick out my favourite fashion styles from back in the day and share them with you. Some of these photos are so random I’m sure my parents would just take photos to finish the film in the camera nevertheless those pictures capture so many funny memories and great style.

In my collection of photos I noticed I had thing for yellow and matching sets, two trends that are actually in season right now.

Yellow was one of my favourite colours growing up. I had no problem pretending to be the yellow Power Ranger in the playground, while the rest of the girls fought over who would be pink. As you can see most of my formal wardrobe consisted of yellow dress or sets with matching hair bobbles and clips (thanks mum). I had some really colourful clothes when I was younger, I wasn't too fussy with what things I wanted to wear - to be honest I don't think I had a choice, but I trusted my mum with her choices and complained if I didn't feel comfortable.

The first two pictures are photos taken for play group when I was two and three, I can't image they do professional pictures at play groups now but mine must have been a posh one - ha. The picture below on the beach was taken in Blackpool on a sunny yet windy day, notice the layering there? My final yellow outfit must have been taken between the ages of one or two, the cardigan is massive on me but looks cute.


Co-ordinates, two pieces, matching sets - whatever you call them I wore a lot of them. Mine consisted of t-shirt and shorts combo for the summer holidays. Two of these photos were taken in Florida and the other just in our back garden. I think this look only works well if the clothing is in print, I'm going to try and redo the style for this summer but chose crop tops and skirts and maybe casual suit sets instead. 

What's are your favourite #ThrowbackThursday styles?

Bianca x

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  1. You are so cute:) I really liked the color purple, but now I think I am loving yellow! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!
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